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Type of publication: Steam Key (key) / RU / CIS

ATTENTION! This product is intended for use only in the following countries: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. In other regions will not work.

Language of game: Russian
Release date: July 27, 2012
Platform: Windows
Region: RU / CIS (Russia and CIS countries)
Activation: Steam

The structure of the publication includes:

• Prototype 2
• Prototype 2 RADNET Access Pack

Prototype 2
The deadly virus that has escaped to freedom has turned a metropolis into the threshold of hell. Divided into security zones, the city became a huge trap. Some of the streets are controlled by the military, which destroy any manifestation of the infection. The remaining areas turned into a "red zone" - the abode of mutants, ruthlessly devouring their victims. Somewhere out there, among the ruined buildings, is Alex Mercer, the main culprit of the spread of the virus. And now, former sergeant James Heller, eager to avenge his family, who died in the early days of the cataclysm, also wants to go there. Welcome to New York Zero. The hunting season is open.
• The power of the tentacles: Be prepared to release the ultimate form of destruction. The all-destructive tentacles of Sergeant James Heller will allow you to hurl and break cars and military equipment, capture infected monsters and even ransack groups of enemies in bloody shreds. Release your inner hell!
• Create your killer: Prototype 2 gives you the opportunity to cross the destructive possibilities of new mutations yourself and create your own Prototype. Fast movement? Sharp blades? Or even an enhanced camouflage? The choice is yours!
• Hunt - kill - change: Now you can track down any enemy with your internal sonar! Sergeant James Heller brings a new dimension to the Prototype universe, which will allow you to hunt, kill and become anyone who gets in your way. Turn into a soldier, scientist or anyone, absorb their memories and get new abilities. You will not have such opportunities anywhere else!
• Curb the Devil: Experience the exciting story of Sergeant James Heller and try to crush the devil himself ... Alex Mercer. Fighting different factions for control of the infection against the background of the ruins of New York Zero makes Prototype 2 the brightest event of 2012 in the world of video games!
• Size matters: Thanks to the unique technology of "Titanium 2.0", Prototype 2 will surpass the expectations of players from the action with the open world. Become a witness of how infected monsters the size of a whole building ruin the streets of the city, while you are hovering over whole detachments of perfectly trained soldiers of the Black Watch. Prototype 2: more, cheekier, better!
• New York Zero: A completely new field for hunting! New York, which humanity knew and loved, no longer exists ... Now it´s New York Zero or, if it´s easier, NYZ

Prototype 2 RADNET Access Pack
The RADNET Access Pack includes more than 55 unique add-ons: in-game events and competitions, avatars, and things for them, dynamic themes, and "Behind-The-Scenes" videos, as well as additional Mutations for the story campaign.
• 20 game events
• 20 friendly matches
• 5 exclusive videos about the creation of the game
• 5 exclusive deadly mutations of the main character
• 1 unique reward game


1. You must download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Run the Steam client
3. Create a new account on Steam or go to an existing one
4. Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate on Steam"
5. Enter the activation key you bought
6. After that, the game will appear in your list of games and you can install it
!!!!! GIFT !!!!!
Every third buyer who leaves a positive feedback will receive a random game as a gift!
Gifts are sent to the mailbox you specified when purchasing, within 48 hours.

ATTENTION! Before buying, please check the system requirements of the game and other parameters that interest you (they may change with time). This can be done on the sites Steam / Uplay / Origin or the official website of the publisher. Goods purchased by mistake, as well as unsuitable for system requirements or region of activation, can not be returned and exchanged!

Dear customers! Convincing request, if there are any problems with the purchased goods, do not leave a negative feedback immediately. Write us a message in the correspondence (the purchase page on the site We will try to respond to your message as soon as possible and promptly solve the problem. We draw attention to the fact that the basis for the exchange or return of the purchased key (key), which gives an error when activated, can only be VIDEO RECORD of the purchase process and subsequent attempt to activate it (mandatory condition - the record should not contain editing features).

Our entire range:

We will be grateful for every positive feedback you have left after the purchase. Sincerely, the project team "AlternativA".
11.07.2022 16:46:16
Товар пришёл мгновенно. Активация успешна.
05.11.2021 4:07:11
my youth is back!!
23.06.2020 17:06:12
Получил товар, каторый хотел, ещё не проверял досконально всё, но я уверен что и так всё в порядке и проблем не будет, всё круто, я доволен, спасибо вам AlternativA!)
31.08.2019 23:41:42
All fine
05.02.2019 11:06:59
Спасибо за оперативность, все сразу пришло и активировалось в стим.
24.12.2018 15:00:34
Ключ работает, продавец не разводит, да еще и подарок может выдать, поэтому... ХОЧУ ПОДАРОК
25.11.2018 1:37:04
Отличная цена, все работает как заявлено - спасибо!
08.11.2018 20:27:38
Отличная игра
и цена порадовала
09.04.2018 17:34:27
Всё пришло , быстро и без проблем
05.03.2018 9:41:21
Купил ключ. Спасибо! :)
03.03.2018 20:03:44
Всё работает, хочу подарок!
06.02.2018 15:01:46
Ключ рабочий, игру активировал! Благодарю.

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