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About this game
Livonia is a brand new DLC map for DayZ, allowing players to experience the hardcore hit of survival in a brand new environment. Up to 60 players per server will have one goal: to survive in this new unfamiliar land for as long as possible, by any means necessary.

Key Features
New huge world to explore. At 163 km2, Livonia is big enough for you to explore for hours exploring the area. Its diverse landscapes and numerous landmarks provide players with plenty of places to hide, build a base, and hide from both the infected and other survivors.

Idyllic setting. This Eastern European locality covers the southern region of Topolin-Nadbor of the larger Polish-speaking country of Livonia. The new topography brings luscious green landscapes, dense forests, overgrown fields, meandering rivers, serene lakes, dark swamps, many dilapidated buildings and various remnants of an abandoned society.

Frequent meetings. The new map is the perfect size for survivors looking to interact with players. Whether friendly or hostile, you will be much more likely to run into other players in Livonia.
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08.07.2022 9:25:27
Отлично! Все работает!
20.06.2022 17:44:04
Отличный продавец. Рекомендую!

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