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$10 the discount is 1%
$250 the discount is 2%
$500 the discount is 3%


💳6 + WAY TO PAY (PAYMENT METHOD)💳🎁Gift cashback for a positive review! + GİFT GAME 🎁
Each purchase is accompanied by a GIFT and GUARANTEED✅.
To receive a gift, you need:
Write a positive review with the comment.❓ What are the regional prices of NETFLIX in 🇹🇷 Turkey?
🔹 Basic: 37.99 TL per month
🔹 Standart: 57.99 TL per month
🔹 Premium: 77.99 TL per month.

attentionPlatform: NETFLIX
For Turkey Accounts
🔶WARNING! You can only activate the code with a Netflix account that is registered in Turkey. If you don´t have an account, you´ll need to create one using any free VPN service that supports Turkish ip address. You need to activate the code only on this country https://www.netflix.com/tr/ and using VPN service. Detailed instructions will be available after payment.✅/attentionattentionNETFLIX Gift Card: how to use (Activation)
- Go to
- Enter code you bought
- Thats all!/attention
Thanks for choose us!
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